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Welcome to Footprint Computers. Our aim is simple: to demystify the Personal Computer and turn it, not only into a tool to serve you but also a joy to own and a constant source of information.

New to computing? So were we once and we've never forgotten the feeling of switching on our very first PC: sheer terror! Because of this, it is our mission to offer assistance in all stages of computer ownership. From choosing the machine that's right for you to designing your own webpage. All done in a language that's jargon-free. We don't expect you to be an expert but we also won't treat you as a dummy. You may only need a little hand-holding. Then again, like driving a car, some of us take a little longer to come to terms with the necessary skills. Either way, we're here to provide the assistance.

Already own a PC? When was it last "serviced". You wouldn't dream of running your car without topping-up the oil, inflating the tyres or checking the anti-freeze yet you may now be putting up with a computer which is showing signs of neglect. Programs that crash, a mouse that seems to have a mind of its own or a hard disk that's dangerously close to overflowing? Again, we have the solutions. What's more, we'll show you you how to do those regular jobs to stop the same thing happening again.

Has the information superhighway turned into the M25 for you? Perhaps you need an upgrade - a faster modem possibly or what about Broadband? We can help you through the maze of choices that today's technology has thrown up and help you to fulfil your potential by showing you how to navigate smartly and safely. Is your email program bloated with Spam? There are lots of "solutions". We'll show you one that really works - if it didn't, we wouldn't use it ourselves.

What else can we offer? Feel free to browse around. Click on the links at the top of this page to get an idea of how we work and keep coming back, we're constantly evolving to help you keep one step ahead of your PC.

Please note, the whole website is undergoing an update - please be patient.

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